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As Chris Anderson pointed out in his Book “Free”, there is in fact such a thing as a free lunch…or at least there was when the concept began in a Chicago bar that offered free lunch with every beer sold.

Now how about free Google pay-per-click advertising with every voucher? Sounds farfetched but you can get free Google AdWords – and run your advertising as a free lunch on Google. It is possible to run AdWords voucher after AdWords voucher on the same domain, but with different AdWord accounts to enjoy free adwords.

In this post I shall tell you how to do it, and what not to do, so that your accounts do not get terminated. This is your pass to learning how to get AdWords without paying a £5/$5/€5 activation fee. That is 100% free Google AdWords.

Once you learn how to – a) get vouchers b) set up the account as manual, and avoid any activation fee c) rinse and repeat without getting ‘caught’ d) learn to export and import using adwords editor for maximum speed – then you will be dining out on big ol’ G.

It is not against any law, but Google don’t like it much and you might ruffle a few feathers. The most important message here is: All AdWords accounts are manually checked before going live so be “real”, no duplication, and mind your IP.

Google has long invited and enticed new AdWords customers with the lure of £50, €50 or $75 worth of AdWords. These vouchers are often presented as display advert, or a paper insert with a magazine. You might have been offered one when buying a domain name?

Where to get Free AdWords vouchers

  1. From Google – look out for display adverts after reading this post (or here, here, here & here or search this)!
  2. From Domain Sellers – Authorised resellers can issue Adwords with a domain sale
  3. From Newspapers & Magazines – Subscribe to free marketing magazines
  4. Google Engage – Register with Google as an agency to gain 50 free vouchers
  5. Search eBay for “AdWords vouchers” – prices range from $3-$7 (so not strictly free in this case)


Step One – Set up Google Account

With a code – they look something like 5ZBC-4C4S-NZDB-2DQ9-WTYJ – the first step is to set up a Google account.

Best would be using a new, unique, non-Gmail account. The aim is to be a virgin account in all senses. Any old, established Gmail accounts should not be used.

Step Two – Join AdWords

AdWords is a separate service to your Google Account, so you need to join.

Once joined, the first thing you will see is that Google AdWords prompts to set up a Campaign. Create your campaign one time.

You can choose from the drop down to set up a “Search only”. Google AdWords offers quite a few types of campaign – mobile, search, search and search partners, content network and so on.

  • Limit your campaign geographical reach to your territory or city. By default campaigns are set to countrywide.
  • Perhaps set what times you want the campaign to run 9-5, 24 hours or such like.
  • At the bottom of the page, choose “Set up Billing”


 Step Three – Payment Information

  1. Select Your Country
  2. Check “Personal” as opposed to “Business” to avoid incurring tax
  3. Enter a real address, zip code and telephone number – you can find plenty of names, address and phone numbers in White Pages and Directory 192 services.

Step Four – Select Manual & Enter Voucher

The way to avoid activation fees, and get your free “lunch” is to select ‘manual’ (See image below)

By doing this there is the option to enter a voucher code. This is one of the most important steps. Should you select any other payment schedule the free lunch will disappear…you cannot change your schedule of payment once the account is live.


Once you enter the code….It’s not only Google employees who get free food – you can too.


Used AdWords before?

Previously run Google AdWords? Install AdWords Editor, go to FileFile > Export Spreadsheet (CSV) > Export Whole Account.

Log out of the old account, and add your new account freshly set up account details. From here select File > Import CSV > From File – select the previously exported CSV, import and upload. With this the AdWords account is now ready to go.

Confused? Watch this video.


What not to do

Never run two AdWords accounts simultaneously.  For one site, run one account. Never duplicate. Pause account one, before submitting account two (with free voucher) for verification from Google. If you overlap the two, expect a slap.

Never do this on a valued site – take a copy of your money site (if need be using, robots.txt out the domain from natural search, host it somewhere free e.g., or Google Sites. Your aim is to get free traffic. If you cannot copy the site, perhaps consider hosting an interstitial, landing page or exact match domain microsite.

Never use a catchall email to set up Google accounts. By this, don’t use a catchall to set up,, etc – you must have unique accounts. Hotmail or Yahoo will do. Be authentic with the account names etc.

Never over do it. By this it is meant; don’t try to use a few vouchers per day…or even one per day, limit yourself to one every other day. This method is for accounts which might incur £10-15 PPC costs per day. You might think of this method as a way to augment current traffic levels.   Yes – Free traffic.

AdWords Account Banned

There are lots of reasons why your AdWords account might get pulled. To avoid banning your account or your IP here are a few measures to avoid detection:

  1. Use proxy servers.
  2. Regularly change your Computer Name
  3. Clear utm cookies between each session, and between each login between PPC accounts you manage.
  4. Create and administer your “free lunch PPC” account rotating using say IE9 rather than your usual Chrome/FF browser
  5. Administer your “free lunch PPC” on more than one computer

This method is a great way to get free adwords vouchers to work for you. Of course, this method is clearly not for everyone. Like every marketing / SEO trick/tool, use wisely and at your own risk.

Need help? Post your comments and I’ll answer inline.  Do you have another angle to gaining free AdWords (or Facebook or Bing ads?) – let us know. It’s good to share!



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