Google Major Brand SERP update?

Possible Rollout of New Google Search Engine Results Page layout for Brands
I just noticed this exciting change in the Google SERPs while navigating to a forum which I guess has some “brand” value associated with. I’m not sure if this is just in testing, in rollout, or solely in running in UK at present – however here’s the result of typing in the name of a forum (‘often referred to by the acronym GPWA’) which I intended to visit.

Brand update on google 21 july 2011

It’s unclear at this point if this SERPs layout is exclusive to brands (perhaps any authority site with a lot of site-links will get all that valuable above the fold real-estate – I guess time will tell..)

If this update does only affect brands, it should reduce the negative effects long-suffered by brands in respect of affiliates and competitors parasiting on merchant’s brand names in organic search result. Certainly the #1 sites will see a huge increase in click-through-rates.

I’m hoping to see some interesting new SERP Clickthru data after some testing- but if this is the way things are going then building a brand is more important now than ever.

Is this live everywhere? Please post some examples and your Geo-location if you come across any live examples in your SERPs.

3 thoughts on “Google Major Brand SERP update?

  1. Not seeing it here. Tried searching for a few brands, including GPWA, but just getting the usual site links.

  2. I doubt this will show up for generic type phrases – probably based on “true intent” of the search query.

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